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A serial killer the cops thought was long gone.

A good detective racing the clock to stop the murders.

A chilling and twisty thriller that will leave readers gasping.

A major spike in gang homicides has Boston on edge, leaving a growing body-count of bangers in its wake and the city’s police and DA’s office scrambling to catch up. Even the mayor’s Street Saviors taskforce of ex-cons, devoted to steering kids out of the thug life, are working overtime to stop the bloodshed. But who will stop the even greater threat that’s about to descend when a murderous psychopath steps out of the past?

Memories of the infamous Blood Bath Killer still loom large, especially for homicide detective Angel Alves, who helped bring down the multiple-murderer whose rampage shocked the city. So when a pair of students turn up bizarrely slain, Alves fears another serial killer is stalking Boston. A fear that becomes fact when his ex-partner, Wayne Mooney, recognizes the murders as the work of the Prom Night Killer—whose unsolved crimes have haunted Mooney for a decade. Now, with hands-on assistant DA Conrad Darget backing them, Alves and Mooney set out to stop grim history from repeating itself. But matching wits with a twisted mind is a dangerous game. Especially when there are no rules—and your allies may really be your enemies.

In his debut novel 8 IN THE BOX (A Ballantine Books Hardcover; July 2008), Raffi Yessayan draws on his eleven years of experience as a Boston assistant district attorney—and as chief prosecutor of the elite Gang Unit—to render a stark, gripping portrait of law enforcement professionals on the job and under the gun.

The perplexing scene is always the same: the home of a single woman, no signs of forced entry, no evidence of an intruder, and no body—only a bathtub filled with blood. Incident by incident, the elusive serial killer dubbed “the Blood Bath killer” sends shockwaves through Boston and ignites a harrowing police manhunt that resounds through the highest levels of the criminal justice system.

Newly promoted homicide detective Angel Alves wants to make his mark in the department and a difference on the streets. But juggling the needs of a family and the demands of a relentlessly driven partner tests the young cop's commitment as sorely as tracking the killer challenges his skills—until the killing becomes personal. Meanwhile, assistant D.A. Conrad Darget has his own hands full—mentoring an ambitious young law student, rallying his fellow attorneys in their daily courtroom battles, and striving—and sometime failing—to achieve true justice within an imperfect system.

With each new attack, the twisted mystery deepens, and the hunger for answers—and action—intensifies. No sane mind could comprehend the dark design behind it all. And no one can anticipate the final, fateful strokes that will lead to a shocking endgame.

From its chilling first pages to its heart-stopping home stretch, 8 IN THE BOX thrills at every turn and surprises at every opportunity — delivering engaging characters and a climax that pays off in devastating style.

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